Marrangoni Pottery has developed a quality index that takes into account the characteristics of the product, which has a maximum value of 100.

The elements that determine the value of the characteristics are objectively measurable numerically and are three quality factors and two factors of marketing:

  • Quality - Type of clay
  • Quality - Technique used
  • Quality - Degrees of firing
  • Marketing - Sales price
  • Marketing - Average delivery time

The quality factors positively affecting the quality index, those marketers instead the negative influence. For example, the qualitative factors being equal, a product has a lower index if the selling price is higher or the delivery time is longer.

Without going into the details of the algorithm that computes the index, we want to highlight that among the factors of marketing is more important than the time of delivery. For us, we want to offer the best service to our customers, it is best to try to be more efficient in the delivery that have lower prices.

Each record form has its own product quality index which can obviously vary from year to year, depending on the variation of the price lists or delivery times.

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